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Bertille de Baudinière Works

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My artwork can appear inconsistent, unstable, liable to change direction without warning. I am not especially concerned with questions of abstraction, representation or stylistic matters in general. What most attracts me and finds its way into my work are oppositions, differences, conflict, and mobility -- the conditions that signify life as it is lived now, in our times. My means for addressing these issues are the simplest ones: light and dark, water and oil, color and black. In making my work, I seek to  I am seeking to prepare myself for the inevitability of my eventual -- our eventual -- "non being". Pause, resume, end, reset.

Some people say that my work is contemplative. I would rather think that I am observing reality, and keeping myself aware of our space-time.

Catching the light from a window or freezing some junk mail on my canvas allows me to materialize that time in my own space.

Thanks to the Internet, we have access to vast amounts of space in real and virtual time. Looking at the conflicting forces and ideas that lie at the foundation of our society, I feel comfortable in this infinitude, and I find some peace in playing with the images it provides us. My work is a kind of "pace maker" and helps my heart to beat normally, in rhythm with our reality.

                Bertille de Baudinière

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